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For most of us we already know what distilling water is, in simple terms it involves the purifying water through heating and cooling it. 

For centuries people have followed this process in order to purify water and other liquids. Despite its age this process is still one of the most successful ways for filtering water. 

This article discusses and reviews all the latest water distillers currently available. Water distillers are mainly found and used on the counter top of your kitchen. 

If you are looking for excellent quality water then you can find this by using a simple water distiller. Water taken from a distiller can sometimes have a different and unusual taste. If you find this a problem then you can also add additional minerals to your distilled water. 

Adding minerals to the water also has the added health benefits. 

The first part of this article contains reviews of the latest distal is available this year. Be sure to check back as this list is updated regularly as manufacturers introduce new models. 

Below are reviews you find the complete buying guide and information on how water distillers work. 

Buying Guide 

Distilled Water – What Is It? 

As we mentioned above water distillers are a very old method of creating purified water through the distillation process. What is distilled water? 

Well distilled water is the result of the process of distillation. This process involves the removal and separation of particles and substances in water or other liquid. This separation takes place through evaporation, and his name collected in condensation. 

Following distillation you can have two possible results. These are full separation – that results in almost a pure result, or partial separation – that results in a reduction of certain elements and then increasing concentration of others. 

These results produced depend on how volatile the elements are that are contained within the original water. 

Whilst the main positive of water that is distilled is the low PH value. 

On the downside the water has limited oxygen and also reduced mineral content. This can mean that the taste of the water can be a little different. 

Minerals can however be added to your distilled water afterwards. You can also find that some distillers have filters incorporated into them that automatically add minerals back into the water. This then improved the nutrients and also the taste of the water. 

How Do Distillers Operate 

Modern distillers contain a heater at their base that is used to boil the water to the necessary temperature so that the process can take place. 

In order to maintain efficiency in the process some distillers contain thermostats. 

When the temperature is reached the water becomes steam and rises into the cooling system. When in the cooling system the steam reduces temperature to become water again. The water is then usually pass through a carbon filter and then collected in a water container. 

The purpose of the carbon filter is to remove any unwanted contaminates that remain after distillation.

Any unwanted contaminants that were in the original liquid will be left behind and completely separate from the filtered water. 



Like with any equipment wear unwanted substances are left behind there becomes a builder. In terms of distillation any unwanted substances remain in the initial boiling chamber. 

Over a period of time you will find a invisible build up material in the chamber. Whilst this material is unsightly the main issue with it is that it can affect the efficiency of the apparatus. 

Therefore it’s very important to clean your distillation equipment regularly. 

Firstly you should separate any parts of the system that can be easily removed. Items such as the distiller lid should be able to be removed and washed separately. 

A good solution to use in order to remove any limescale and unwanted contaminates is to mix citrus juice such as lemons or lime with the water. You can also use a vinegar and water company that is just as effective. 

Once you have finished cleaning using any solution be sure to remove it thoroughly afterwards to avoid any contamination with future water. 

In order to clean the boiling chamber you should use a slightly stronger combination of vinegar or citrus juice and water. You can leave the water in the chamber to soak thoroughly especially if it’s difficult to access the inside with a brush. 

Again, once you’ve thoroughly cleaned using the solution be sure to remove any traces so as not to affect future water distillation. 

Never use any householder to in order to clean your chamber or apparatus. This will clean much quicker than using our own homemade solutions but it’s likely that some traces of the chemicals will be left behind and will enter the distilled water. 

Why Should We Drink Water That’s Distilled? 

By distilling your water there are a number of benefits over just using the water that comes from your faucet or tap. 

These benefits include – 

Fewer bacteria and microorganisms 

Distilling is very effective at removing all known bacteria and microorganisms. The main reason for this is the water reaching boiling temperature, steam when it reaches that temperature also will not carry any of these unwanted contaminants across. 

Barium removal 

This substance is commonly water supplies. Commonly linked high blood pressure and heart issues distilling remove this from the water. 

Copper removal 

Another substance that is found in municipal water supplies is copper. Distilling removes copper from the water, copper is commonly linked to mental health issues including Alzheimer’s. 

Nitrate and nitrite removal 

Commonly found in untreated water nitrates and nitrites are often linked to health issues in young children and the elderly. Distilling removes these compounds. 

Chlorine removal 

Traces of chlorine can remain after the water treatment process by your local authority. Distilling will help remove this from your photo. 

The purest of water 

Distilling is considered one of the most purest methods of filtering water. It is commonly used in most sensitive and health-related industries that include food manufacturer, medicine and Laboratories. 


Distilling removes the need to continually buy bottled or packaged water. 

Environmentally friendly 

This is also related to buying bottled water as you no longer need the plastic packaging that water is bottled in.

Main Uses Of Water That Is Distilled

There are wide range of uses for distilled water in a variety of industries. We’ve already looked at how to still water can benefit you in your own home. How about other uses for this type of water – 


Distilled water is commonly in medicine for things such as surgeons cleaning their hands or sterilizing instruments that can be used for operations. The process they used to distilled the water and purified is slightly different but essentially it’s the same. 

Distilled water is also used by dentists in order to sterilize equipment. 


The cosmetics and perfume Industries use distilled water to produce the products. This is due to the High purification levels of the water in order to remove bacteria that could cause allergies or others issues. 

Food processing 

Most processed foods you will use distilled water in any of their processing. This is to ensure that the water is of the highest quality when consumed. 

Babies and distilled water

If you plan to use formula with your baby then you will need to mix it with water. The issue with most municipal water supplies is that they make a contain fluoride. Fluoride is linked with a brisk of developing enamel fluorosis. This is a condition that affects the teeth and their growth. 

Distilled water doesn’t contain fluoride so is a much better option than your regular faucet or tap water. 

Fish tanks and distilled water 

It’s not possible to just add distilled water to an aquarium or fish tank when you change the water. This is due to the lack of minerals in the water that are vital for your animals health. 

If you plan to use distilled water in a fish tank then it’s essential that you have the correct mineral to the water. If you do this correctly then it is the best quality of water you can provide for your fish. 

If you are using a small bowl or tank for your fish then definitely do not use this with distilled water.

Humidifiers and distilled water 

As with most devices that require the use of water it’s important to use distilled water as it has less contaminants than regular faucet water. It also lowers the chance of limescale. 

It also reduces the amount of bacteria that grows in your water and is actually released into the air through the humidifier. 

What Have We Learnt?

As we mentioned previously water distillation is one of the oldest methods of filtering water. The reason why distillation has stood the test of time is simple – it’s highly efficient.

A number of new filtration methods have been introduced with still distillation who’s the best when it comes to cleaning water completely of contaminants.

Distillation is not perfect, if you test water after its been distilled it will still usually contain some parts of compounds. It is however the best at getting as close as possible to get to 0 parts per million.

It’s important to know that distilling removes not just any bad compound so any good minerals from the water. It’s important them to restore any good minerals.

You may also find that the water tastes quite different to regular tap water or water there been through other filtration processes.

If you feel as though distillation is the way to go for you then take a look at our reviews at the beginning of this article. They will guide you into which is the best water distiller currently available. 

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the process take a look at the video below.


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